- Love it. Great quality and although I haven't needed to use it yet, it seems like it would work well haha!

- Works great. Never seen tempered glass shatter so easily.. gonna keep in my sports car for emergency escape.

- 10/10 will break glass and looks innocuous.

- Cool piece of gear, very neat piece of gear cause ya never know. I don't even realize I have it on.

- Low profile and effective.

- Great product. Great quality. I love the concept of a simple unassuming look but that gives you options in times of need.

- I've gifted quite a few and end up buying more. Keep up the good work!

- Bought one, liked it performed as advertised, bought three more for the fam.

- Fashion with a purpose..! Adjust perfectly to my small wrist and goes with the rest of my fashion bracelets..!

- Great little piece of gear and the adjustment gives you the perfect fit. 10/10 would buy again.

- More reviews...

£25.00 GBP

GTFO-WRIST-STRAP® is a registered trademark.

The Original Window Breaker GTFO Bracelet For Vehicle Escape & Rescue!